Witchoria: Geometric Reflections

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Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria, captures landscapes and simply reflects some part of it on the sky with a geometric imagination. She uses digital manipulation for distorting the reality through the geometric shapes with a surreal touching. In the series “Geometric Reflections”, Witchoria creates a geometric magic from the reality which is often grim, downcast and gloomy types of landscapes by an emotional reaction. She keeps exploring the idea of fractured landscapes through photo manipulations and collages. 

“I think everyone has a mystical space where creativity lives, and that’s our imaginations. What’s wonderful is that I’ve managed to make a career out of using mine. I think that I’ve always had a fascination with the idea of magic, or superpowers, and digital manipulation has given me the ability to sort of create my own alternate realities where those things are possible.” ― Witchoria

Witchoria manipulates spaces with the reflected geometric shapes that feel like portals to alternate realities. They are suspended over gloomy natural landscapes. She is inviting you in to her magical atmospheric dream.

Witchoria: Geometric Reflections


Witchoria-Geometric-Reflections-cosmic-orgasm-artist-mountain-forest copy

Witchoria-Geometric-Reflections-cosmic-orgasm-artist-beach copy

Witchoria-Geometric-Reflections-cosmic-orgasm-artist-nature-mystery copy

Witchoria-Geometric-Reflections-cosmic-orgasm-artist-rain copy

Witchoria-Geometric-Reflections-cosmic-orgasm-artist-city copy

Witchoria-Geometric-Reflections-cosmic-orgasm-artist-rocks copy

Witchoria-Geometric-Reflections-cosmic-orgasm-artist-winter copy

“There is definitely an emotional root to everything I create. I find that I struggle with words when trying to express something that I’m going through. I have a much easier time expressing it visually. What I find interesting is how other people connect with the work. I love external interpretations. I try not to over explain any piece of work that I create so that people can create their own meaning in what they’re seeing. Sometimes I think some of that experience is lost if you give people a preconceived notion of how it’s supposed to be perceived.” ― Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria

All images © Witchoria

You can find more on Witchoria ‘s website and follow her on instagram & Facebook , cheers!  ♥ #cosmicorgasm


[quotes]: blog.freepeople.com (from the interview)

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