Sevilla: Joy, Freedom and Impulsiveness

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Sevilla: “A man, his girlfriend and his best friend go on a road trip to Sevilla that will change their lives forever. For the three youngsters in search of adventure, this road trip is full of joy, freedom and impulsiveness.” 

 Sevilla: Joy, Freedom and Impulsiveness

Director: Bram Schouw, Writer: Marcel Roijaards, Cast: Ludwig Bindervoet, Kay Greidanus, Stefanie van Leersum

We see three youngsters with their stuff in a car at the beginning. They don’t know where to go. Then they decided spontaneously to go to Sevilla.

They left everyday routine behind and lived in the moment. They felt free and happy until they stood naked at the side of the bridge.

Sevilla is a challenge to all ordinary things in life that makes us part of the routine. It is all about acting impulsive and doing something excited. On the other hand we see how life is fleeting and the reality can impact their life really quickly. They experienced misadventure that can dramatically change everything.

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