Rag and Bones: When Can Your Glory Fade?

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Rag and Bones: “Inside I’m not someone really joyful or … But I think it’s important for me to always have new ideas, new songs, new projects to be easy to live in the day life.”

Rag and Bones’ album “When Can Your Glory Fade?” was released on 26 February and it may be the best hard electro-pop album this year beginning. Rag and Bones is also a project at the crossroads of numerous music styles, such as electronic, electroacoustic, ambient, as well as techno. The sound of Rag and Bones inspired by Radiohead, Thom Yorke, James Holden, Jon Hopkin’s music.

You can buy or download the album “When Can Your Glory Fade?” on website and also follow Rag and Bones’ Facebook & Soundcloud. Enjoy the album while you reading our #cosmictalks with Rag and Bones, cheers! #cosmicorgasm

Listen: Rag and Bones’ When Can Your Glory Fade?

Cosmic Talks: Rag and Bones

Tell 3 things about you, please.
» Born in Nantes, France. I’m 25.
» Pianist and self-made an electronic musician.
» Ambitious and passionate.

Tell 3 things about people who you love, please.
» Kindness and trust (amen).
» Open-minded with a critical point of view.
» Sensitive.

Tell 3 things about your sound, please.
» I aim to make electronic and pop music, but far from trendy cheesy “electro-pop” style. I think that everybody is able to listen a “non- hysteric” music, so I try to make a complex music that everybody can handle and appreciate.
» Evolving, again and again, always experimenting new sounds, new ways to compose music etc…
» I have a lot of different influences, electronic, but also experimental, classical and jazz music. I wish I will compose folk or electro-acoustic as much as really hard electronic music…

photo by Capucine Bernades

How do you usually feel during a day?
» Inside I’m not someone really joyful or … But I think it’s important for me to always have new ideas, new songs, new projects to be easy to live in the daylife.

What do you do before going to sleep?
» I have that guilty pleasure called the internet… I can watch TV Shows, or movies, and dumb videos on Youtube. I can also spend many hours to look tutorials, gear videos, and reviews… And when i turn off the light, when I’m alone, I can’t sleep without listening to some music, until I fall asleep… And don’t think I listen just sleepy music, I can listen the hardest songs of Aphex Twin feeling completely able to sleep.

Which sound do you really enjoy to hear? (why?)
» Back to basics, Radiohead ! When I don’t know what to listen, Radiohead is always the answer! Especially “Kid A” and “Amnesiac”, which are my favorite albums… And if I had to pick one song, it would be “Everything In It’s Right Place”, which is a masterpiece… The first time I heard it, that was a mind blown, and since more than 10 years, I stay in awe about this song. I spent so much time to try to understand which effects, which gear they used, how they did those reversed voices etc…
And now that I know, still this song is magical for me…

What is the most boring thing in your daily routine?

» Getting up in the morning, nothing is more annoying to me!

Seriously, it would be promoting my album.

I have produced my album on my own and I spend almost 10 hours per day for the past three months working on it and finishing the project. I could go this way for ages, I love it. In music, there are difficult moments, lack of inspiration and so on, but overall I love it. However, lately, as the album is finished, I have to promote it… It’s so hard, I really have to surpass myself in order to promote my
album, considering that 90% that the recipients won’t even open what I send to them, the other 10 percent might stop after 10 seconds of listening. Others might also reply ‘it’s not bad” while they produced lately bad quality projects. It gets me mad and I’m quite sensible in those times. I would love to skip that part and have a call from a record label I love to offer me a collaboration on a next album. I’m still very interested in this prospect as you can witness!

album cover by Can Pekdemir

What is your COM*?

((*): When you get inspired, you reach your inner balance&strength and you crystallize your mind to reach the cosmic-orgasmic-moment.)

» To be honest, I don’t have interests in mystical beliefs. I find it quite vague or fuzzy. I will give a try, though.

A magical moment would often be when I play a piano. When I am on my own during any improvisation. I would sometimes be in a state of mind which, I presume, as I don’t have any knowledge on the topic, would be near meditation. But overall, in those moments I feel right at my place and knowing I have that chance makes me quite peaceful in daily life, while I was much more worried or anxious when I was younger.

Who/what do you listen most nowadays?

» I’m not a huge music consumer, I spend much time at listening to the same things as I need several listening in order to properly understand it. In this regard, I only discover 2 or 3 outstanding artists per year .

The last Massive Attack was impressive , I went to their concert the day after the release of my album, I was really looking forward to it ! The last Moderat (which I manage to listen before everyone else
btw) is also remarkable. I’m waiting for the next Radiohead with curiosity. I have listened a lot to Kendrick Lamar as well lately. Tim Hecker as well, in a very different style. Brad Meldau and Shai Maestro give me another consideration of music. Vessels is also a great band, I love their approach to composition. They seem to be really nice by the way, I would love to perform with them. Clark, James Holden and Jon Hopkins have always been in my headphones since 2 or 3 years now. At the moment I appreciate rediscovering Daft Punk. I can’t be satisfied with discovering unknown artists and that’s why I also listen to relatively mainstream artists. I follow music releases with interest, even the most popular, so I have been listening to the last Rihanna, the last Beyoncé, and even other stuff I’m am not so proud of (Justin Bieber).

Otherwise, about the releases similar to my style, I’m lately looking for some music labels from Berlin to contact. And I discovered several artists from “Stroboscopicartefacts” that I found great. I love the esthetics of this music label and artists like Perc, Tommy Four Seven and others…

I would appreciate being able to adopt this kind of esthetics for my next album, something more radical, less harmonic, and more violent.

Folks esthetics in the like of Sufjan Stevens or Dm Stith are quite inspiring for me, so I feel that I might be torn apart between these two choices in the next months.

photo by Capucine Bernades

What is the inspiration behind your album?
» I wanted to do something that I would have enjoyed to listen as a teenager. Something resuming all the influences that have been enriching me since I know that I would do music for a living. Inspiration, in the end, more than an accurate prospect, is trying to reproduce what I have in mind, it is the ambition that I strive for when I produce.

This album definitely marks the end of an era, right now I feel free to experiment things and I will certainly produce shortly more twisted and original music.

The album cover by Can Pekdemir and you can visit his website and explore more bodily forms, cheers! ♥ #cosmicorgasm

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