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Cornwall-based illustrator Owen Gent is such a storyteller with unique interpretation of life. His illustrations painted in earthy tones and drawn wordless narratives. His works focus on the narrative, enigmatic and unsaid feeling of mystery and story is woven with traditional technique throughout Owen Gent ‘s illustration, creating organic and intriguing work. He has a strong interest in traditional techniques, such as Dip Pen’s and Painterly Portraiture. In his works he mostly avoids reliance upon digital methods and focuses on the natural materials.

“… I’ve always had a pretty active attitude towards my career as an illustrator. Even before my degree I was selling prints and doing odd commissions so it seems like quite a gradual progression to where I am now. In terms of how it feels, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love for a living, and sometimes it feels strange mentioning it to someone because it seems a bit too good to be true. Saying that, I seem to work harder than most people I know, but it’s a big part of my life which I’m very passionate about rather than a ‘job’.” — Owen Gent (*)

Owen Gent : The Wordless Narrative Illustrator


Owen-gent-illustration-cosmic-orgasm-hunt-art-feeling copy







Owen-gent-illustration-cosmic-orgasm-sea copy

Owen-gent-illustration-cosmic-orgasm-hunt-art-2 copy

“Listening to a lot of traditional folk music definitely feeds into my work and also spending a lot of time walking, especially on the Cornish coast has played a large part in the themes and feel of my work. I’ve always found something beautiful in melancholy, and that’s always what’s affected me most in the music, film and artwork that I love, and that’s what I’d like people to take away from my work.” — Owen Gent (**)


All images © Owen Gent

You can find more on Owen Gent ‘s website and follow him on  Facebook , cheers!  ♥ #cosmicorgasm


[quotes]: (*) (**) from an interview on dailymetal.eu ,

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