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Kemi Mai: “Light can tell a story in itself.”

Manchester-based a self-taught artist Kemi Mai aka Drawinds creates digital portraits under the neon lights with the nature elements and abstract feelings.

“I remember the point when I began to take painting seriously and feel as though there was a need for me to continue creating.” ― Kemi Mai (*)

Kemi Mai describes her art with an idea comes from thoughts or abstract feelings, which she aims to express in a way that also appeals to her atheistically. The color palette is very important to her and it can be so influential in setting the overall tone of the piece. She sets her subjects against minimal backgrounds, incorporating abstract or surreal elements and vivid experiments in color.

“I was able to create anything I could imagine, with my skill set being my only limit, instead of a lot of practical issues that often hinder beginner artists – like costs and free space. That sort of freedom is something I’m yet to find in any other aspect of life, and its proved rather addictive.” Kemi Mai

Kemi Mai is inspired by creativity and ideas from her favourite cinematographers and directors like Stanley Kubrick and Lance Acord, the artists like Natalie Foss, Paulette Jo, Peony Yip. She also does most of artwork at nighttime and she usually plays music or movies while she is working. She listens FKA twigs, Sigur Rós, Radiohead, Miles DavisPink Floyd and so many more, also nature and science documentaries are her best.

“Light can tell a story in itself. There are colour schemes that I’ll tend to go to when I’m trying to set a certain tone, but I also try to challenge myself to work with colors that don’t initially sit right with me.”  Kemi Mai (**)

Kemi Mai: Digital Portraits Under The Neon Lights








“The piece, coincidentally or not so coincidentally, is titled ‘Start Over‘. The actual idea behind it wasn’t so literal, as it began as an observation of people’s tendencies to create resolutions and plan for new beginnings at the start of a new year. But the frustration that came from having to start over brought me a stubborn refusal to rush progress on the piece. I spent longer than I ever planned working on it and a year later, it’s still one of my most detailed works.” ― Kemi Mai (**)





All images © Kemi Mai

You can find more on Kemi Mai ‘s website and discover her on behance and also follow her on instagram , cheers!  ♥ #cosmicorgasm


[quotes]: (*) , (**) from an interview on, cheers!  ♥

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