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Have you met with Kei Meguro? Or maybe you came across with her “Babe”s ! If the answer is “Yes!”, you should know how super-charming they are! Tokyo-based illustrator and also graphic designer Kei Meguro calls herself as “babe & beard drawer”. Although I like beard, now I’m just interested in Babes. So I met with Kei Meguro and tried to get know a little piece of her being. Are you ready to meet with her?? Here we go!

Kei Meguro : The Babe Drawer


Tell 3 things about Kei Meguro, please.

» Born in Tokyo, Japan.

» Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York.

» Despite my unisex name and always being referred to as a male, I’m actually a woman haha!

Tell 3 things about people who you love, please.

» Incredibly understanding of my mood-swings when I hit that artist-brick-wall-slump : P

» Cultured and open.

» People who love what they do. Strives me to pursue what I do myself as well.

Tell 3 things about your babes, please.

» Edgy

» Smart

» Sophisticated. These 3 are highly up in my priorities when I draw my babes.

How do you usually feel during a day?

» Varies day to day, on a good day I’ll be super productive cranking work out. On the other hand, I’ll be laid back and chill, contemplating what other work I’d like to move on to the next. It’s nice having this contrast, sometimes.

What do you do before go to sleep?

» Checking my social media accounts (especially instagram) and my emails last minute… I should be reading a book or meditating instead eeek #guilty

Which word do you really enjoy to say? (why?)

» Babe. Because obviously (I also say this frequently throughout the day)

Is there anything you have to deal with in daily life?

» The occasional NYC Subway transit failing to come on time… I try to leave 20 minutes earlier than I should all the time before meetings, but somehow it never works out. That’s one of the things I miss about Japan – their incredible schedule that’s always on point.

Tell something about your cozy place, please.

» My bed, I have 6 unnecessary pillows and a dog to snuggle with.

What is your COM*?

((*): When you get inspired, you reach your inner balance&strength and you crystallize your mind to reach the cosmic-orgasmic-moment.)

» The moment I realize that I’ve been drawing for 10 hours straight without feeling any pain. This is when I know I’m loving what I’m currently working on.

Do you have anything or anybody you really admire?

» Anyone who has a passion for what you do. Artist or not, its really admirable seeing people who just go for what they love. Not everyone has the courage to pursue this.

I would not live without … ?

» Pencils.

Vegetables or fruits?

» Ah I snack on vegetables more, so I guess I’d go for veggie… Hard one (I love food too much to take a side)

Tell something about your last dream you had, please.

» I had a terrible nightmare that someone stole my dog, Momo. I woke up at 6am because of this and couldn’t get back to sleep haha. I’m such a worried mom its exhausting (even in my sleep!)

What kind of wanderer you are?

» I daydream and like to get lost in randomness. This also leads to what inspires me sometimes.

What is the inspiration behind your babes? / What are they made of?

» My biggest influence would probably be because I grew up seeing a lot of “Bijin-ga” from Japanese wood block prints (Ukiyo-e). I love how the women extrude femininity, but still remain classy and chic.

Have You Met with Kei Meguro’s Babes?


















All images © Kei Meguro

You can follow Kei Meguro’s daily updates on instagram & Facebook . And also you can check her website & tumblr for more works.  ♥ cheers!! #cosmicorgasm

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