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Do not jump Wendy! You can not fly.

No silly. I am not going to jump. It is okay. I know what I am doing.

I have always been dreaming about flying in the sky. When I see the birds, I want to fly too. Someday I am going to fly with them as if in a graceful dance.

Now I am standing on the edge of my world. I came from a long way and it is pretty high here. Actually each of us were born to fly. But we forgot the way. Within us we know how to fly. Having faith is to have wings. Once I have the perfect faith, I can fly. Then I will never walk again. I will rest on high trees and touch all the mountain tops. I do not know to where I will fly. But I know that so long as I spread my wings, I will find the peace in the air.


“Did you see my flight pack? It is green. I really need it. Do you know why? I am going to fly!”

Jump Starring Uma Thurman: I’m Going to Fly

Jameson First Shot in association with Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions presents “Jump” starring Uma Thurman. “Jump” tells the story of Wendy, a young woman obsessed with the idea that she can fly.

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