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Jaebum Joo: “Getting everything together in Pixel Art! That is my dream.”

Seoul-based illustrator Jaebum Joo reinterprets some masterpieces with pixel art from an 8bit viewpoint. The artist’s been reinterpreting from his favourite artist Van Gogh to many famous western and eastern visual images as pixel art.

“Spend some time on doing pixel art while working my studio job. I like 8bit game and Lego things. And we are generation; used to meet them easily. ‘Pixel art’ has already been a familiar word for me.” ― Jaebum Joo

Jaebum Joo redrew some classic paintings such as Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portraits, The BedroomCafe Terrace at Night, The Starry Night, Sunflowers, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (Lovers), Egon Schiele’s self-portraits, Edvard Much’s The Scream, Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, René Magritte’s The Son of Man and some pop art examples in pixel like Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s Soup Cans, Roy Lichtenstein in his project “Pixel Art, Masterpiece Series”.

“I will study and make this pixel art consistently toward my future goal.” ― Jaebum Joo

Jaebum Joo’s Pixel Art on Masterpiece Series

Vincent Van Gogh: Self-portrait


Vincent Van Gogh: Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear


Vincent Van Gogh: The Bedroom

vincent-van-gogh-artist-room-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers


Vincent Van Gogh: Cafe Terrace at Night


Vincent Van Gogh: The Starry Night

2-vincent-van-gogh-starry-night-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa


Johannes Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring


Gustav Klimt: The Kiss (Lovers)


Gustav Klimt: Portrait of Helene Klimt


Gustav Klimt: Judith and the Head of Holofernes


Paul Cézanne: Autoportrait


Egon Schiele: Self-Portrait with Physalis


Egon Schiele: Self-Portrait with Striped Shirt

Egon-Schiele-Self-Portrait-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-series copy

Georges Seurat: The Eiffel Tower

The-Eiffel-Tower -Georges-Seurat-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie

Henri de Toulouse: Portrait of Vincent van Gogh


Gerhard Richter: Ella

gerhard-richter-portrait-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Roy Lichtenstein: Ohhh…Alright…

pop-art-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Roy Lichtenstein: In the Car (Sometimes Driving)

Roy-Lichtenstein-in-the-car-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Andy Warhol: Marilyn Monroe

marilyn-monroe-andy-warhol-pop-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Andy Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Cans

andy-warhol-campbell-soup-cans-pop-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Andy Warhol: The Velvet Underground & Nico


René Magritte: The Son of Man

The-Son-of-Man -Rene-Magritte-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Sandro Botticelli: The Birth of Venus

The-Birth-of-Venus-Sandro-Botticelli-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Lee Jung-seob: White Ox

White-OX-Lee-Jung-Seop-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: Aristide Bruant

Aristide-Bruant-dans-son-cabaret-Henri-de-Toulouse-Lautrec-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Pablo Picasso: Self-portrait

Self-Portrait-1901 -Pablo-Picasso-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

Alfons Mucha: F. Champenois Imprimeur-Éditeur

Champagne-Printer-Publisher-1897-Alphonse-Mucha-jaebum-joo-pixel-art-cosmic-orgasm-masterpiece-serie copy

All images in pixel art © Jaebum Joo

You can visit his website and find more works on behance and follow the artist on tumblr & Facebook & instagram, cheers!  ♥ #cosmicorgasm

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