Cosmic Talks: The Illustrator Owen Gent

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Owen Gent: “The people who I love are very different but I guess they all share some qualities which I really admire in a person: Passion, Empathy and a sense of Adventure.”


Cornwall-based illustrator Owen Gent is a storyteller with unique interpretation of life. Previously the artist’s been featured on and you can read it from here. Now we’re getting a little bit more about the illustrator Owen Gent, here we go!

Cosmic Talks: The Illustrator Owen Gent


Tell 3 things about you, please.

» Live and work in Bristol, UK

» Lover of walking

» Wear jumpers most of the time

Tell 3 things about people who you love, please.

» The people who I love are very different but I guess they all share some qualities which I really admire in a person: Passion, Empathy and a sense of Adventure.

Tell 3 things about your art, please.

» For the most part my work is approachable but melancholic and (hopefully) beautiful.

How do you usually feel during a day?

» That’s a tricky one but I’m lucky enough to be a fairly level person so as long as I’m keeping a balance between work, social life and keeping things fresh and interesting, I’m usually pretty content.

What do you do before go to sleep?

» Listen to music in the dark.

Which word do you really enjoy to say? (why?)

» There’s a noise which myself and a few friends have crafted which is an amazing remedy to feeling bored or down. I’ve never attempted to spell it but it’s basically a high pitched “Woooh” followed by a fart noise.


What is the most boring thing in your daily routine?

» If I’m really into a piece of work then cooking and eating can be a bit frustrating I guess.

Tell something about your cozy place, please.

» I’m currently renovating an old van into a liveable camper van which will be small cosy and will have a little woodstove in the corner.

What is your COM*?

((*): When you get inspired, you reach your inner balance&strength and you crystallize your mind to reach the cosmic-orgasmic-moment.)

» I might have to keep that to myself I’m afraid.

What is your favourite fiction character?

» Fair Rosamund.


I would not live without … ?

» The outdoors.

Vegetables or fruits or meat?

» Fruits.

Tell something about your last dream you had, please.

» There was an incredible sloping field of water.

What kind of wanderer you are?

» I walk a lot and am generally happiest when I’m exploring a new place.

What is the inspiration behind your art?

» Largely traditional folk music and narrative literature.





All images © Owen Gent

You can find more on Owen Gent ‘s website and follow him on  Facebook , cheers!  ♥ #cosmicorgasm 

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