First Kiss in the Woods

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“As I was touching him, I was getting to know him better. I didn’t need any words but the touch. In that moment there was no world outside of our bodies and no one, except us.”

I don’t know why I went into the woods with him. I just wanted to go. That’s why I said yes right away. I didn’t think about anything but him. Actually, I didn’t know anything about him. Nevertheless, I went into the woods with him. You know how it is normally worked. You meet with someone first in a cafe. You drink and eat something together and have the conversation that you get to know him better. Where he is coming from, what he does and what he likes to do. Maybe it would be your third or fourth date in this year and you say the exact sentence to him as you said in the previous dates. Then it makes you uncomfortable like I am having the same moment or I don’t feel different. I mean, I am waiting for the one and it should be different in some way, right? Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic that I should stop thinking about this kind of stuff. I don’t know… But I just cannot stop thinking about the boy and girl in that film where they are made for each other and everything is so unexpected and magical.

I met a girl and I invited her into the woods. I know why. Because I love being in the woods and I wanted to be with her in my lovely place. But normally I don’t invite girls into the woods after we met. You know, it can look creepy. She didn’t know me at all and why she wanted to come with me to the wild. However, I asked her. I didn’t think about it so much. I just asked. Because I wanted to.


We walked through the forest and talked a little bit. He told me something about the species of trees with their names that I have already forgotten. He seemed to like being in the woods. Maybe he goes often. I only listened to him and didn’t ask anything at all. Was it awkward? Maybe he expected from me to ask something or talk about something. But it was okay for me. Actually, I was quite happy in that moment. I didn’t care to ask something about him or what he told. He continued to talk about trees and I continued to listen to him.

What was I thinking? I talked about trees all the time and never let her speak. Then I shut up and there was only the sound of the forest. It was weird. Was it weird? Normally I try to talk about different things that sound interesting. I love trees and they are very special for me. Actually, I think they are quite interesting. But it’s not everybody’s favourite. Probably she got bored and she was looking for a way out from the woods.

On the other hand, she was still there and her face was looking happy. Maybe she loves trees as much as I do. It was nice to talk about trees with someone.


Actually, what he was talking about was interesting. I don’t think about trees that much. But I enjoyed what he told. He was like a story teller and it was obvious that he enjoyed it so much.

We continued to walk without talking. I think he already told everything about trees, he knows. It was good walking beside him. It filled me with a calm happiness.

I finished talking about trees and I was feeling a little bit calm. We didn’t speak for a while but it was okay. I didn’t feel any pressure because of the silence. Trees lined around and only the sound of the brown frosted leaves crunching underfoot broke the silence. It was good walking beside her. I felt completely fine.

Then I stopped and I reached out my hand to his face. I didn’t think about the space between us. Therefore I could not make it. Actually, I was not even close. He realized a little bit late that I stopped and he stopped as well, but far from me. He was surprised and didn’t know for a while what he could do. Then he came closer and my hand was still in the air. He touched my hand with his face. I felt the thin beard first and then his cheek which was softer than I expected.


It was really unexpected and also lovely. I was amazed… She was so brave. She knew nothing of borders and looked like caring nothing for rules. She broke all the walls with the touch of her pretty hand. While I was coming closer to her, to her hand, it was like an exciting journey that you didn’t know what was waiting for you to be experienced. It was such a deep curiosity. I took two steps to her. I reached out my face to her hand.

As I was touching him, I was getting to know him better. I didn’t need any words but the touch. In that moment there was no world outside of our bodies and no one, except us.

It was our world and a touch meant a lot.

She put another hand on my other cheek. This was the first time I was actually looking at her eyes which were light blue, crystal clear like the turquoise waters.

He looked at my eyes and went deeply into my soul. He didn’t disturb me. I welcomed him.

I pulled him towards me and he put his hand on my back and pulled me as well, but more strongly as I did. Our bodies finally met.

My nose touched to her nose gently. There was a still small space between our lips. Her lips attracted mine and I want to kiss her so badly.

My lips came closer and closer to hers.

My lips came closer and closer to his.

Finally, I made the last move to kiss her.


Her lips were warm and softer than I could have imagined.

His hands were wrapped around my waist and mine locked around his neck.

Her breathing quickened as did mine.

I moved my hand from her cheek to her smooth hair.

His kisses were soft and slow.

His hand ran through my hair.

I cannot live without the smell of her hair.

As he was kissing my neck a wave of pleasure ran through my entire body.

I cannot live without the feeling of his skin.

I was lost in that moment.

I was free in that moment.

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