Cosmic Talks: The Figurative Artist Derek Overfield

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Derek Overfield: “Work, and be brutal with yourself when it comes to time. We have too many distractions in our world, too many reasons not to make art.”


Derek Overfield is an artist who explores and documents the expressive power of the human form. Despite being a painter, much of his favorite art is sculpture. He is an artist who is heavily influenced by classical work and the unimaginable expanse of human history and the ancient masters of Greece and Rome, Michelangelo, Rodin.

Previously Derek Overfield’s been featured on and you can read it from here . Now we’re much more interested in the artist, here we go!

Cosmic Talks: The Figurative Artist Derek Overfield

Tell 3 things about you, please. 

» My wife and I live in a very blue house in the mountains with two cats that are mortal enemies.

Tell 3 things about people who you love, please. 

» Lauren Adams, my wife, is an abstract painter. She is both my inspiration and biggest fan. We support each other in every way.

Tell 3 things about your figures, please. 

» Simple, bold and expressive.


How do you usually feel during a day? 

» Eager.

What do you do before go to sleep? 

» Give thanks for the people in my life.

Which word do you really enjoy to say? (why?) 

» Terribilita. Because, Michelangelo.

What is the most boring thing in your daily routine? 

» Photographing work.


What is your favourite mythological character? (why?) 

» Hercules, of course.

What is your COM*? 

((*): When you get inspired, you reach your inner balance&strength and you crystallize your mind to reach the cosmic-orgasmic-moment.)

» When the accidental meets the intentional.

Do you have anything or anybody you really admire? 

» My wife, my parents and family, my teachers, so many people I’ve never even met.


I would not live without … ? 

» Mountains and family.

Vegetables or fruits or meat? 

» A balance.

Tell something about your last dream you had, please. 

» The other night, I dreamed I was visiting some city and staying on “Le Corbusier Ave”. There was a park with rows of bronze sculptures that tourists were paying to clean.


What kind of wanderer you are? 

» A careful one.

What is the inspiration behind your art? 

» Mankind and his awful potential.



All images © Derek Overfield

You can check the artist’s website and follow him on instagram and give a like on Facebook , cheers! ♥ #cosmicorgasm

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