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The Test Question: “Being a full-time mom has become my profession since the time I gave birth to my little boy. I was there for all the time he needs me because I am all he has in his life.”

artwork by James Jean

The Test Question

It takes a strong woman to bear the yoke of raising a child alone. Of that, I am sure, because I myself is a mother; a single mother.

Being a full-time mom has become my profession since the time I gave birth to my little boy. I was there for all the time he needs me because I am all he has in his life. And being the only family he has, I have to juggle work, household chores, while of course making sure my son’s activities and necessities are not deprived of my time. And it wasn’t easy, really.

Well, it seems like I have raised a seven-year old wonderful boy after all. Not only that he is sweet and thoughtful, he is but a brilliant boy at his very young age.

He is an academically competent young boy at school which makes him a test score-conscious youngster. Quizzes, examinations, they were always in perfect scores. He will always come home with his flawless test papers on hand, and then he will raise them in the air and will brag about them as if telling me that I should be proud of him. And I am.

But one day, my son arrived from school with a clearly troubled face. I asked him what the matter was but he just won’t respond. He was acting strange. I noticed that he was holding again a test paper, but this time, he won’t raise it up in the air and brag about it.

Finally, he rested the test paper on the center table. One look. It took me just one look to know what was disturbing him. There, on the right side corner of his test paper, was a test score that reads 29 over 30.

He was disconcerted for getting an imperfect score and thought it was unsatisfactory. I don’t think it was, however.  But then, to show how concern I was, I inspected the test paper closely. The test question that was marked wrong made my eyes a little watery and ironically put a smile on my face. The test question reads:

He is the one who provides everything for the family. Who is he?

 a. Father

b. Mother

c. Child

I was teary-eyed because this made me realize how unfortunate my son was for he doesn’t have a father to know that in a family, it’s the man who really takes care of providing everything. I smiled because he was able to recognize that all this time, I was really the one doing it for us. I smiled because I knew by then that I have become a good mother to my son. And right there and then, I promised myself that I will always be.

― Estefi Estefani Becilla is the cosmic friend who submitted this story for us. Thanks + cheers! #cosmicorgasm 

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