Cosmic Bike: Have a First Ride with Critical Mass Stuttgart in June

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Jeden 1. Freitag im Monat, 18:30h.
Treffpunkt: Stuttgart Feuersee

Every 1st Friday in a month, at 6:30pm. Meeting point: Stuttgart, Feuersee. We joined them for the first time on 5th June and celebrated the urban bike culture around the city. It was pretty good actually. According to the Critical Mass, there was 540 people on the road with full of motivation!

“The Critical Mass has as many motivations as people who participate in it. I always say: We do advertising. And advertising’s Cycling. In the middle of the city. Celebrating the best transportation in the world. We drive for more respect and consideration. We give the urban bike culture a face. We are pleased about the large community. We show relaxed, how safe and easy it is to drive on our roads wheel and we have fun doing it … the list is endless. Still looking for an explanation – grab and ride bicycle.” ―Alban Manz who is in the Critical Mass of Stuttgart with the Bumbox (*)

During the ride, there was a lot of things that I really like but first of all, I like the way people motivate each other. And I feel so lucky to experience that energy while we were on the road. It keeps you in the moment, connects you with people and addicts you to the route!

The Critical Mass creates the different routes for every month. You can check 5th June’s route from here. After the ride we were talking about the day and Jonathan said that you can imagine the whole city together now. In daily life you take the U-Bahn from one point to another, or a bus or etc. When you use the transportation, you feel like just to know the city as parts. But today we rode around the city and all the parts came together. And how true it is. I felt like in that moment, I own the city and there is no black parts on the city map anymore. It’s such a nice feeling and I like it actually a lot.

“Today hundreds of people rode their bikes together. It looks like a giant who is strolling through the city and looking around. I really enjoyed riding with lovely people and looking at the city from different point of view.” ― T

For me, the tunnel is the best part of the route. Of course I said that ’cause I really like the tunnels so much but I can’t forget the moment while we were riding to the end. When we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, there was an amazing echo! Then everything became slow, normal again and we met each other over there.


I recorded a super-shaky video with my GoPro camera on my crazy-tiny bike. I hope you enjoy it. And you can check The Critical Mass Stuttgart’s website and Facebook page .

Special-lovely thanks for Jon & T and all the people on their bikes! (Especially pretty girls who are dancing on their bikes:))

I’m already looking forward to next one, see you on 3rd July!



(*) quotation from das Fahrrad Blog , the video and photography by K


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