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Wisconsin-based graphic designer Mike Winkelman aka Beeple has an inspiration to create something every-single-day. He works as a freelancer and creates motion graphics and visuals under the name of “Beeple crap”. If you search him on google a little bit, you can see how modest he is–besides his amazing works.

Beeple Crap on Everyday by Mike Winkelman

“It basically comes from me wanting to get my shit out there for people to see. I used to spend a lot of money trying to get into film festivals to get my shit shown, only to have it rejected by a panel of douche-lords. Now I can just put out a clip for free and have a fuckton of people show it to others all over the world without me having to do shit! I think the other reason is that I’ve learned so much from the kindness and generosity of others, I feel like I need to give back any way I can.” 

Beeple is very productive and the inspiration can come from anywhere to him in every day. He inspires by the artists such else GMunkAsh ThorpDavid O’ReillyAaron Beck and everybody on Tumblr. “I’ll look around on Pinterest or Behance or Tumblr and a shape will catch my eye. That’s enough for a loose idea to begin with, and from there it goes wherever. It’s limited by how much time I have that day and by when I get sick of it. Sometimes I realize it’s not great and is never going to be great, so I just end it for the day.” (*)

Beeple works around 1-2 hours during the day and uploads before midnight each night. He keeps creating an everyday and it helps him get the fear of the blank page. “Doing something start to finish each day not only helps you get over the fear of starting a project, but also the fear of finishing one.” explains Beeple his “Everydays” project. He works on 3D animation and focused on designing, modeling, texturing, setting up an environment, lighting, rendering all day.


BEEPLE: “I definitely try and learn something new each day.”

“So yeah, a lot of the time it’s not at all convenient or fun but once you get enough days behind you like this, then the momentum of it will help force you to continue. A this point after not missing 1600 days in a row, it’s gonna take a lot more than “not feeling like it” for me to miss a day.” (**)

Starting an everyday gives him a chance to learn something new that he commits to practicing often. Beeple encourages everybody to make something valuable everyday for sure! He has also free resources on his website, because of he’s learned so much from watching tutorials put out by other artists. By sharing, he believes to be helpful for others as well.

“I don’t feel a sense of ownership after I make something. Once you post it on the Internet, people can do what they want with it. Kids are going to copy things; that’s just how it is. You can fight against that or embrace it and move on. I would love it if more people would post their project files so I could see how they did it.” ― Beeple, (*)












“Usually I just sit down with an idea and get started. Most of the time, the finished product is nothing like my original idea. I like to just jump in and see where things go.” ― Beeple,

All images © Mike Winkelman aka Beeple

You can find more on Beeple ‘s website and also follow him on FacebookTwitterVimeoBehance and Instagram , cheers!  ♥ #cosmicorgasm


[quotes]: (*) (**) from an interview on & , cheers!  ♥

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