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“I hate boredom. I choose to see the beauty in everything. But most of the people in my age ignore. Everything is special to me. Every little thing I do becomes magical. I don’t care if you say I’m bizarre or crazy or freak. I might be insane, but I cannot be boring. I rather die.”

We were kids in those days. We had the joyous playfulness and were looking for fun. We were full of a great sense of humour and surprises. We did not hesitate to paint the walls of the house with crayons. We were amazed when we mixed red and green colors. Everything was so simple that we could laugh at anything. We did not have expectations in order to be happy. The most important thing was present and enjoying the moment. We had an imaginary world where we visited often and everything was magical and possible. Sometimes we were confused between real and imaginary world. As I told you we were kids in those days.


When we were children, we magically saw the World. Because we looked for it. We could have fun in anywhere and anytime. We turned a sidewalk in playground only with a chalk. We built a castle in the middle of the livingroom and bravely defended it with our toy friends against evil enemies. We hanged upside down on the monkey bars and were amazed the way we saw the world. We wondered how many horses were on a merry-go-round and tried to count. We could easily develop fantasies and playfulness with joy and passion. We could be a monster, a pirate, a hero or just ridiculous. While we were having fun, we were not serious, not at all.

“All grown-ups were once children… But only a few of them remember it.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Chic clothes, smart phones, having credit cards, shopping malls, offices and finding parking spaces are boring. I hate boredom.

Boredom Starring Adrien Brody

Jameson First Shot in association with Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions presents ‘Boredom’ starring Adrien Brody. Stephan Tempier’s short film ‘Boredom,’ tells the story of Danny, a 40-year-old man who lives his life according to his inner child. No matter what anyone else thinks.

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