Adams Carvalho: Rebellious Women with Tattoos

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I came across with Adams Carvalho ‘s works last night and I’m just crushed! I was looking for this artist for a long time (Ok, not so long but it feels like a long time(!) ’cause I was super-exciting about the artist.) Because couple of months ago my dear friend Cansu sent me an illustration with the caption that is “Look, somebody drew you! It’s totally you!”. And yes, it was absolutely me! The funny fact is that I showed the illustration [81] to another friends and they also thought same. I know it’s crazy but I like it!

Adams Carvalho: Rebellious Women with Tattoos

Anyways, Sao Paulo-based artist Adams Carvalho portrays all that attractively heroic women with gorgeously tattooed. I also like the way he uses the light and shadows with texture. His work also possesses a soft melancholy tinge with a vintage vibe. When I look at Carvalho’s women, they are just screaming on your face: “Whatever!” Because they just stand over there, how they really are and don’t care anything with their rebellious attitudes.

I’m so happy to find Adams Carvalho and you can find more of his works over on his tumblr and also you can follow the artist on  instagram and please check his vimeo account that you can watch some nice animations of him, cheers! ♥











All images © Adams Carvalho 

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